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Behind the Brand

With more than 40 years of experience, Chris LaRocca is a veteran restaurateur and celebrated innovator. Opening, developing and managing restaurants is nothing new for Chris: he has been hugely successful with his own concepts and instrumental in the growth of many well-known restaurant brands.

Chris’s experience owning and operating his own restaurants, plus his experience with larger brands like RomaCorp, Inc. has given him unique insights into what independent operators need to succeed, which is why in 2005 he created the Culinary Architects Advantage Program: a unique buying program that helps independent restaurants compete with larger chains.

Currently, Chris is at the helm of his newest venture, Crushed Red, a fast-casual chopped salad and pizza restaurant. The award-winning concept has been a tremendous hit with multiple company owned stores and franchise locations opening at an exciting pace.

Despite his success, Chris is not content to rest on his laurels.Not a day that passes when he isn’t working on the developmentof a restaurant. This is especially true with Culinary Architects: a unique, full service restaurant development and management company that specializes in partnering with aspiring restaurant owners and businesses. Founded in 2005, Culinary Architects has launched and rebranded numerous successful restaurants in the Midwest and East Coast.

Scope of Services

Culinary Architects can help you develop your restaurant concept from scratch or improve your existing operations.
Below is a list of our services.


• Build management and culinary team
• Implement operating systems and procedures
• Recruit and train staff
• Develop hourly training manuals
• Labor schedule cost outs
• Food cost theoreticals
• Deliver contract pricing on Food & Beverage
• Negotiate credit card fees
• Waste tracking and accountability
• Top 25 product review with vendors
• Daily sales & labor analysis
• Weekly financial reviews
• Oversee all in-house bookkeeping


Restaurant Location & Concepting

• Define expectations, opportunities and goals

• Site Selection / Negotiation

• Feasibility Analysis
• Theme & Concept project
• Break-even Analysis
• Develop Capital Budget


Restaurant Development

• Business Plan Creation
• Operating budget
• Architecture & Interior design
• Branding, Logos & Identity
• Kitchen Layout & Design
• Architectural and construction oversight
• Menu Development – recipes - nutritionals

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